VW Hummbug For Sale

June 28, 2009

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Heads will turn when you are driving this fun car!
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Hummbug For Sale

This is a “brand new” Hummbug, a small scale Hummer look on a 1970 VW platform. This is a first class construction using new components. The car is registered as a 1970 VW. The Hummbug is fitted with a removable top, but is at it best as a good weather car. Weather protection is minimal at best.

It is powered by a newly manufactured 1776cc dual port, large valve VW engine with dual Weber 40 IDF carburetors and electronic ignition. Lubrication is enhanced with an high performance Gene Berg oil pump, an external oil filter, and an extended oil sump for increased capacity and cooling.

The Hummbug is fitted with a new front axel with ride height adjustment, and disk brakes. The rear is fitted with Sway-Away adjustable torsion arm plates which allow ride height adjustment in the rear. New drums and hydraulics complete the brake package. New CV joints have been installed. KYB heavy duty shocks are fitted front and rear.

235/75 R15 all terrain tires are fitted to custom built powder coated rims 8 inch rims. They give the car the proper look. A full spare is mounted on a swing-away rack in the back.

The floor is finished with a durable bed liner spray on treatment. New adjustable bucket seats are fitted in front, and a two passenger bench seat in the rear. Lap belts are provided in back, and a retractable shoulder belts in front.

This project started as a straight forward restoration of a 1970 VW convertible about 15 years ago. The original body had serious problems, and I elected not to do a full restoration. The chassis however, was sound. I had previously built and loved a Porsche Speedster replica, so I looked for a similar project for this car. I purchased a kit from Hummbug Fiberglass Kit Cars in Vancouver, WA. The company got involved with a lawsuit with GM regarding the Hummer trademark. They still make the kit, but it is now called a Wombat. The company is now the Wombat Car Company. (http://www.wombatcar.com/ ) They continue to be supportive. I was happy with the construction of the kit components. The construction of a kit car is a big project. This project was no exception, but I have many years of VW experience, and this was my second build. Wombat has published a version of the assembly manual on line. http://www.wombatcar.com/docs/WombatManualDraftNov02.pdf A copy of my original manual is included with the car. I tried to use first class components throughout. I actually started the build about ten years ago. Business, retirement, travel, building a new house, two moves, and other distractions put the project on the back burner. The final build out was completed in the spring of 2009. Another move, this one across country puts this gem on the market now.